Food is the God of the people. For a food paradise such as Malaysia,a weekend hunt for good food, whether with either young and old family members or a group of friends, is definitely an enjoyment that balances both the mind and body. However, life would be much less enjoyable if this is hampered only by a restaurant’s poor design. “Am I able to enter this restaurant?” Such is the scenario faced by families with senior citizens, pregnant women, or parents with prams, as well as people with disability.

To ensure that this group of people can search for good food worry-free, the Beautiful Gates FoundationFor the Disabled has obtained authorization and assistance from Taiwan’s OurCityLoveSocial Enterprise to introduce the first “My Friendly Restaurant” mobile application in Malaysia. The “My Friendly Restaurant” app will observe problems that are not usually noticed by others through the eyes of a person with disability.Through photographs, comments on the food and questionnaires, our special correspondents will evaluate if a restaurant is disabled-friendly. These information will enable other people with disability to see if a restaurant can meet their needs beforehand.

The food and beverage industry can also implement the four main criteria, namely, a step-free entrance; smooth walkways and aisles; firm tables and chairs; and equal service, to become a “Friendly Restaurant”and hence, expand their customer base.Little details in a restaurant’s design and servicewill influence a customer’s dining experience and make the difference between a happy customer and an unhappy one.

Although the “My Friendly Restaurant” mobile app is currently focused onthe Petaling Jaya area, we have set our sights on the entire country in hopes that one day, there will be more and more “Friendly Restaurants” throughout Malaysia where everyone can enjoy their every meal!

Who wishes to join the “friendly restaurant” ranks, it may wish to contact the Beautiful Gate Foundation ; TEL: 03-7873 6579 (Helen)office hours, Email: Thanks.







各大餐厅老板如有意加入“友善餐厅”行列的话,就算该餐厅没有无障碍需要改进也不妨可以联络美门残障关怀中心;TEL:03-7873 6579 (Helen) 请在办公时间联络