Our Needs

We are Looking for donation of

1. Assistive devices for disabled people and children with disabilities:

  • A Van with Hydrolic lift for Beautiful Gate Seremban Centre (about RM130,000), to provide transport service for disabled and senior community in Seremban.
  • A Van with Hydrolic lift for Beautiful Gate Kepong Centre (about RM130,000), to provide transport service for disabled and senior community in Kepong.
  • A second hand lorry for Beautiful Gate Klang Centre (about RM70,000), for recycling activities in Klang.
  • Light Weight Wheelchairs (about RM 1,700),
  • Motorizes Wheelchair (about RM6,000)
  • Medical Cushion (about RM 2,300),
  • Diapers (sizes : baby M,  adult M & L), Urine bags, Catheters


2. Daily and household necessities :

  • Detergent (for Toilet, Dishes, Floor &  Clothes),
  • Toilet Paper
  • Garbage bag (Big & Small)
  • Dish sponge
  • Dettol
  • Body & Hair Shampoo,Toothpaste, tooth brush, etc.


3. Food stuff :

  • Milo, Nestum, Oat, Condensed Milk, Milk Powder, Tea, Sugar, Nescafe, Coffee (3 in1 mix), Fruit Juice,
  • Instant noodles, Biscuit, Barley, Red or Green Bean.
  • Eggs, Potato, Onion (Big & Small), Garlic,
  • Cooking Oil, Oyster Sauce, Soya Sauce, Tepong Ubi, Tepong Gandum, Mee Hoon, Canned Food, Rice


4. Operational Cost for 8 centres

We need to spend more than RM 100,000.00 per month to operate all the eight centres. We provide food, lodging, transport service, various training program, financial assistance, assistive devices, advancement in fees for education to 120 disabled residents as well as organize activities, provide employment assistance, information service, counselling service and various skill training to more than 1000 non-residents disabled members and parents.


5. Building Funds

Klang Centre — Need about RM 1.5 million to buy 2 houses as our permanent centre and renovation.

Melaka Centre — Need RM 5 million to build own building.

Headquater cum PJ Centre — Need RM 1 million to build the headquater that serve to support and provide leadership training for staffs from all centres, and be a research and resource centre to support NGOs nationwide.


Headquater cum PJ Centre — The building project is still in need of contribution of the I.D. (Interior design), ironmongeries & equipment

  • A Multi-purpose Hall
  • Accommodation Facilities for 48 persons
  • 16 Toilets
  • 2 Lifts & 2 Escape Ramps
  • 1 Physiotherapy Room
  • 2 Living Rooms
  • 2 Roof Top Garden
  • 1 Kitchen
  • 3 Store Rooms
  • 1 Library & Resources Centre
  • Meeting Room
  • Counselling room
  • Classroom & Computer Room


Your Donation to Beautiful Gate Foundation are Tax Exempted. We wish to appeal for your involvement and financial support for us to carry on our work for the disabled.

Details please contact Ivy at 03-78736579 or 019-3849941 or email to info@beautifulgate.org.my