Be An Angel Campaign

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Be An Angel Campaign 2008

Armed with an abiding faith in people and a deep longing for a sense of community, the Beautiful Gate Foundation for the Disabled proudly brings you a yearly activity, the Be an Angel Campaign’.

This innovative campaign was launched on 4 Dec 2004 with the noble mission of mobilising broad-based and informed community participation, for the empowerment and inclusion of disabled persons, as full members of society. It provides a forum to learn about the disability perspectives from the disabled people themselves and their own organisations. It drives home the point that the issues around people with disabilities go beyond the physical, to include social, economic, political and cultural variables.
Be An Angel Campaign is designed to bring able-bodied and disabled people together in a climate of love and understanding to promote the issues and welfare of the disabled community, through proper and total communication. The campaign sets out to achieve the following over-arching objectives:

  1. Sensitising the community to the needs, rights and potential of disabled people.
  2. Improving the response to disability concerns through greater community participation.
  3. Providing systematic volunteer training on working and communicating with the disabled, and
  4. Encouraging more effective and meaningful participation of disabled people at the community level.

The Be An Angel Campaign  will consist of 2 related parts:

  1. Angels Training Camp
  2. Angels at Work, and

PART 1: Angels Training Camp
The Angel Training Camp is a 3 days 2 nights retreat, that brings participants and disabled persons together, to foster greater understanding of the livelihood and needs of the disabled community. Participants will be provided with the appropriate training, knowledge and tools to communicate and work with the disabled people. Throughout the camp, participants will have an abundance of opportunity to mingle and interact with disabled persons, through various stimulating activities and fun games.

Details of the Angels Training Camp 2008:
17th -19th May 2007
Venue: STM Training Centre, Seremban
Fee : Minimum Donation RM100 per person. 

PART 2: Angels at Work
Upon completion of the Training camp, participants would be formed in to groups and each group would be given an assignment which is to assist a people with severely disabilities to live independently in the community for a total of 30 hours within 6 months.


For more information, please visit: Be An Angel , Angel At Work